SAIT Capstone Project – Reducing Automobile Dependency   

March 2022April 2022 

  • Collaborated with team to create important business questions against car dependency Utilized Power BI, Tableau, SSIS, Python, MS Azure and MS Excel.
  • Split tables into Dimensions and Fact tables to process the ETL pipeline in SSIS. 
  • Visualized our tables in Power BI and Tableau to further our argument with business questions. 
  • Deployed Azure Cloud Server for accessible use within team.  
  • Performed and communicated our business case to class in our case not only to reduce car usage but to increase transit and implement bike paths.  

Web Design & Development

Fresh Focus Media, Calgary AB

Create and maintain front-end and back-end of websites for new and current clients. Develop SEO reports to improve site performance. 

Key Outcomes 

  • Wrote complex SQL queries to improve and maintain client databases.
  • Used CSS, HTML, jQuery, jQuery UI and JavaScript for developing rich user interface.
  • Built reports using KPI source information and wrote reports to identify lack of performance for clients to meet target milestones. 
  • Built out the data and reporting infrastructure from the ground up using using Tableau and SQL to provide real-time insights into the software, marketing funnels, business KPIs
  • Developed root cause reports to address problems with customer conversions, successfully revealing insights that boosted conversions by 32%

Recruitment Support

ABES College, Calgary AB

Responsible for making 100-200 calls a day to help or inform potential students of their submitted inquiry for admission. 

Key Outcomes 

  • Helped to define student needs and scheduled appointments for potential students to meet with advisors.
  • Delivered quality customer service to more than 100-200 clients each shift.
  • Increased number of enrollments by 20% producing more qualitative engagements between clients.